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Neurodivergent Collective is the place where ideas are nourished, collaborations are celebrated, and big visions are made manifest!

Our core mission is to improve the lives of neurodivergent adults across the globe.

There are no limits to how, only the ones we allow ourselves to believe.

Founded by Dr. Sarah Sibson, a specialist GP with her own lived experience of neurodivergence, our origins are in the healthcare space - but don't let that fool you.

We love disruptors, inventors, imagineers, and those who refuse to be limited by definitions and just-because boundaries, from all walks of life. Are you neurodivergent, too? Even better! If your approach to the world is kind and inclusive, you will fit right in.

Don't worry, healthcare provider allies! We are always glad to work with other like-minded, neuroinclusive practitioners and organisations, too. Neurodivergent Collective values the input of anyone who shares our vision, across all disciplines and specialties.

If any of this sounds like you, then we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out using our "Let's Connect" form and get this party started.

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Our Foundations

Here at Neurodivergent Collective, we align with the strengths-based approach of the Neurodiversity Model, first described by Dr. Judy Singer.

We fully recognise the challenges and hardships that neurodivergence results in for most people moving through this neurotypical world with a divergent mind, and do not discount the extensive impacts they have. It is because of these experiences that Neurodivergent Collective exists!

Our commitment to meaningful change for the neurodivergent community means that we choose to centre, celebrate, and work from a core practice of neuroaffirmation. It is our hope that one day, in spite of the difficulties which persist, living a neurodivergent life will be embraced and no longer limited by structural disabilities. 

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