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Dr. Sarah Sibson


Founder | Badass in Chief | NeuroSpicy Sage

The moment I realised I was neurodivergent, everything changed.

Sure, it took me nearly 38 years to clue in... but once I started to piece my life back together in the right frame of reference, the rest of the debris I'd carried around for decades became obsolete.

I wish I could say the transition was rapid and painless, lasting only moments, full of rainbows and unicorns. We all know that's not real life, though - this being human sh*t is exquisitely hard some days.

What I can say is that there's plenty of good news swirled into the chaos, too! Honestly, the further I wander down the trail, the more myself I become. Turns out the authentic Sarah is a badass adventurer with a big heart.

And that's exactly what I wish for you, my Spicy family - a reunion with your true self, whoever they turn out to be. It is my absolute privilege to guide each courageous soul who chooses to embark on their journey of rediscovery here with us.

Woman with dark brown hair and a knowing look, holding up a mug saying "first I drink the coffee, then I do the things"
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Ms. Carly Rogers-Dayton


Virtual Admin / aka Sorceress of All the Things

I have known Doc Sibson since primary school, as far back as¬†the¬†snap bracelet and screen-printed leggings era, when we met¬†in what I fondly refer to as ‚Äúnerd school.‚ÄĚ

We have remained the best of friends for more than three decades, and are excited to FINALLY combine our many skills and strengths into this fabulous business.

I have be-bopped my way through a wide array of career paths and trainings. I have an MFA in Digital Media production from Queensland College of Art in Brisbane. And, conversely, I've also spent much of my working life keeping things at large scale global companies running smoothly as a program and project manager.

I'm excited to meet you and be part of this journey!

Jams: puzzles, problem solving, logic, learning, colouring outside the lines

Loves: Mr. Harrington Bean - Yorkshire Terrier and expert snuggler; writing, traveling, outdoor adventures, and running ¬Ĺ marathons

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